Monday, March 15, 2010

monday's excerpt

“Oh, and,” Claire slowly let on, “it appears we may soon have house guests.”

“Really!” Mrs. Klingbeil inquired.

Claire sipped her tea, and slowly—to build the suspense. Then she reached for the sugar bowl and pretended to be deeply interested in its contents.

“Oh, do tell!” added Mrs. Farnham, growing impatient.

“Well, we had a letter this week from a cousin in Tennessee.” She sipped again. “It appears that a couple of handy men—who aided them in building a sunroom addition—may be traveling north, through our fair city.”

“Good heavens! Are they kin?”

When Claire hesitated, the two women looked to sister Kathryn, who shrugged, palms up. “Well, they’re someone’s kin!”